0088 | Vivre Maintenant | 2017 | scenography | Versailles | 440 m²


Vivre Maintenant




440 m²


This project, conceived by Elias Guenoun, brought together 11 students from ENSA-Versailles and UIR-Rabat to examine the subject of modern-day ways of life, at a workshop held in Rabat, Morocco in July 2017. 


Each in their own way, the 9 projects presented in this exhibition offer a response to the radical ways in which our lifestyles are changing. After dismantling certain preconceived ideas about home, regarding family, work-life balance, comfort, social representation and privacy, the students were able to formulate alternatives that can meet a simple need—that of living now. This project was carried out as part of the AGORA Rabat-Salé Architecture Biennial held in Rabat from 23 to 25 March 2018, in partnership with the association AGORA Rabat-Salé and the Université Internationale de Rabat (UIR).

- Professor: Elias Guenoun (ENSA-V)
- Assistant: Charles Aubertin, Peaks
- UIR Coordinator: Driss Benabdallah
- Exhibition scenography: Peaks, architectes
- Model photography: Ward Ivan Rafik
- Students: Yazid Ahl-Lamara, Yousra Bouirig, Youssef Chajai, Ferdinand Covin, Louise Daussy, Lucien Dumas, Marie Gobin, Inès Langlois, Hajar Maghfour, Hugo Soucaze, Majdouline Tazi

type :


program :

exhibition  “Vivre Maintenant”

commission : direct commission
client :  ENSAV
location :  Versailles, France
state : built
area : 440 m²
budget : 6 000 €
date : 


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