0036 | Art Brussels | 2015 | edicule | Bruxelles | 1 m²


Art Brussels




1 m²


Édicule is a series of architectural objects produced in various contexts, exploring an intermediate state of architecture between furniture and built structures. Each in its own particular setting, these modules seek to elicit new possibilities and primary and secondary uses, lending themselves to being played with and to appropriation by the users. Ensuring both the design and construction allows for these tangible architecture projects to be used to test certain details and principles, protocols, forms, intuitions, etc.


The édicule is composed of four elements, broken down into a grid of compartments based on the size of the objects they may contain during the event, eg vinyl records, catalogues, video cassettes, cards. The hinging together of the different elements allows for almost infinite possible arrangements, in dialogue with the specific environment. When fully folded, this small construction is monolithic and mobile. When opened up, it becomes an exhibition counter, revealing its interior and its collection of objects. 


- Curated by: Isabel Van Bos

type :



design and manufacture of a multi-purpose display cabinet

commission : direct commission
client :  Katerina Gregos – Art Brussels
location :  Bruxelles, Belgique
state : built
area : 1 m²
budget : 1 000 € 
date : 


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