0032 | Saint-Jean | 2015 | housing | St-Jean-de-Monts | 45 m²






45 m²


The project involves expanding a 1960s holiday home in Vendée, on the Atlantic coast.

The new structure, based on the regulations in force, is situated along the property line between a parking area and the lot on which the home sits. It stretches from one end of the parcel to the other, forming a narrow strip measuring 4 metres across, offering direct access to the outdoors for each space created.

This modern bungalow features simple and economical architecture: exterior walls made of opaque, insulating concrete blocks; partitions made of prefabricated solid wood porticoes defining the interior layout; and a continuous glass and aluminium façade offering generous views of the garden, creating a panoramic spread of the landscape in the spaces within the addition.

type :


program :  extension of a secondary residency
commission : direct commission
client : private
location :  Saint-Jean-de-Monts, France
state :  suspended
area : 45 m²
budget :
date :  2015
photo credit : Giaime Meloni