0052 | Pavillon de l’Amour | 2016 | pavilion | Nancay | 75 m²


Pavillon de l’Amour




75 m²


The love pavilion is a small, lightweight structure built in the middle of a vast forest bordered by two ponds, south of Orléans. It is made up of three covered spaces — small, medium and big — respectively oriented towards the pond, the house and the clearing. These spaces are organised around a central patio facing a century-old oak tree at the edge of the wood. Designed as an outbuilding to a converted-barn holiday home, the pavilion is an open structure filling various functions: a space for meals, play, reading, napping, parties, etc.


It features a fir frame stained with Austrian pine tar, and was self-built over a three-week residence in the forest. The perception one may have of the pavilion changes through the seasons: at times it blends into the dense background of trees, and at others it stands out as a strange object in the landscape.


Built in collaboration with Nelson and Camille Larroque

type :



design and manufacture of a garden pavilion

commission :

direct commission

client :  privé
location :  Nancay, France
state : built
area : 75 m²
budget : 30 000 €
date : 


photo credit :

Stéphane Ruchaud, Peaks