0018 | IMOA | 2014 | infrastructure | Atacama | 600000 m²






600000 m²


As an alternative to the idea of an astronomy museum, the project offers the staggering vision of the Atacama sky as a raw and exhaustive collection—a sky-museum. Rather than subjecting the visitor to the touristic experience of a ‘temple’ erected outside of San Pedro, the project is rooted in the everyday life of the town, between the Atacama desert and oasis, interconnecting these two milieus in a single gesture.

The footbridge includes the entire town in its movement, looking out over the areas it crosses, and lends itself to unique conditions of use, differentiated observation situations, and changing spatial, acoustic and visual qualities. The aim of the project is to form a neutral ground that is immediate and available, simultaneously acting as roof, floor and wall. It is indiscriminately geared towards tourists passing through, atacameños, contemplative stargazers and professional astronomers.

type : infrastructure
program : astronomy museum
commission : open competition
client : Arquideas
location : San Pedro de Atacama
state : un-selected
area :  600 000 m²
budget : 
date :   2014
photo credit : Peaks