0004 | Geiranger | 2013 | infrastructure | Geiranger | 10000 m²






10000 m²


The project consists of a single structure serving to interconnect the traveller, the ship and the surrounding landscape. As both port and path, the project forms a direct link with the terrain, closer to a continuous walkway than a service infrastructure.

Designed to accommodate four cruise ships, the structure is divided into two squares, shown in the drawings, where the land meets the sea on either side of the Fjord. Stretching from the surface of the water into the surrounding mountains, the project cuts through or sits upon the terrain, recounting the nature of the territory, while at the same time serving as a mooring point, marking the end of the journey and the start of exploration.


In collaboration with Hotel Architecte

type : infrastructure
program : ferry terminal
commission : open competition
client : association 120h
location :  Geiranger, Norvège
state : winner – 1er prize
area :  10 000 m²
budget :
date :  2013
photo credit : Peaks