0072 | Bellevue | 2017 | edicule | Cannes | 50 m²






50 m²


Édicule is a series of architectural objects produced in various contexts, exploring an intermediate state of architecture between furniture and built structures. Each in its own particular setting, these modules seek to elicit new possibilities and primary and secondary uses, lending themselves to being played with and to appropriation by the users. Ensuring both the design and construction allows for these tangible architecture projects to be used to test certain details and principles, protocols, forms, intuitions, etc.


This set of screens is part of the Édicules series. By their presence, they prompt an inquisitive regard on the space of the grand hall of the Hôtel Bellevue, encouraging the exploration of its potential and forming scenarios for occupying the space during the exhibition.

To support this mechanism, we propose to place potted plants throughout the hall, both introducing a new domestic object, and as a nod to the old-fashioned charm of this hotel lobby. The overall effect challenges the primary function of ‘furnishing’, a question specific to hotel lobbies.

- This series of small structures (screens) is constructed by a simple system of assembling rectangular aluminium tubes.

- The aluminium profiles are joined by hinges that allow the screen to be folded into alcoves, detours, cells, walls, etc. The screen can be used used, for example, as a repeated motif throughout the space, or as a whole forming a single space. The position of the screens is variable.

- Re-appropriation of the constructed object is interesting, in that it places emphasis as much on the production process as on the object itself. These so-called cheap, low-grade elements lend themselves to experimentation in plastics and spatial design. The juxtaposition of these objects with the charged and colourful architecture of the hall creates a subtle play of form and reflection.

- The installation in the Hôtel Bellevue lobby is conceived as an experimental process: because the installation is taken down each night, a new way of occupying the space can be presented each day.


- Curated by: Bérangère Armand

type : edicule
program :

design and manufacture of a temporary installation for the “Take a line for a walk” exhibition

commission : commande directe
client :  We Want Art Everywhere
location :  Cannes, France
state : built
area : 50 m²
budget :
date : 


photo credit :

Pierre Lambert, François Fernandez