0029 | Socles 1 | 2016 | furniture | Embrun | 6 m²


Socles 1




6 m²


Within a given space, the project deploys a range of surfaces, of varying heights and sizes and lending themselves to different uses. The elements’ design, in unreferenced form, is the result of random action in the drawing phase, producing a series of unplanned fragments.

Presented with this range of abstract objects, the user is placed in a project scenario. If in certain dimensions the body finds reminiscences of situations recorded in memory, new uses need to be invented.

In essence, the project offers an experiment in which the assembly of these ‘found forms’ creates an a-functional environment, in perpetual construction.


type :


program : 

conception of a set of furniture for a studio

commission : direct commission
client : private
location : 

Embrun, France

state :  studies
surface : 6 m²
coût : not communicated
date :  2016
crédit photo : Giaime Meloni