0066 | Sottsass | 2016 | scenography | Toulon | 140 m²






140 m²


The project seeks to mix the different facets of Ettore Sottsass’s work and transcribe them into a simple and economical exhibition system. The scenography is perceived in stages, on different scales:

- A series of small structures built simply by stacking a cheap material (cellular concrete), in reference to the Metafore series that Sottsass produced between 1972 and 1979.

- The low wall used as a repeated motif in the space, creating a series of rooms
and counter-rooms of different sizes, allowing the objects to be seen in ever-varied situations, creating the complexity, surprise and playfulness inherent to Sottsass’s work.

- The material used plays on resemblances with the existing space: the scenography appears both to fit with this low-quality environment, yet offers a sharp contrast with its systematic and repetitive layout.

- The lows walls, 175 cm high, allow an airy reading of the exhibition space — with certain objects peeking out over them, beckoning and inviting the visitor to move throughout the installation.

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program : exhibition “Ettore Sottsass – Objets architecturés” during Design Parade
commission : direct commision
client :  Villa Noailles
location :  Toulon, France
state : built
area : 140 m²
budget : 3 000 €
date : 


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