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Portes du temps



Villa Noailles



This workshop challenges the notion of space, the object, and its contextualisation and re-appropriation, based on Ettore Sottsass’s Metafore series, produced between 1972 and 1979. Using ordinary materials (kraft board, scotch tape, string) and elements found on site around the Villa Noailles, the participants have to imagine and produce installations and modules in the garden.

The week is broken down into different phases: drawing, writing, scouting around the Villa, finding installation locations, technical drawing, production and archiving (photographs and drawings). The aim is to help children understand the displacement or re-appropriation of the elements employed, and to introduce them to the question of spatiality and the tools available to suggest it.

type : teaching
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production of temporary space devices in residence

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direct commission
client :  Villa Noailles
location :  Hyères, France
state : built
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